Hey everyone its Kanwal ovais..I wanted to review this product it is hydro boost hydrating cleansing gel by Neutrogena it says it boosts hydration for soft and simple skin effectively removes makeup and impurities this light weight gel transforms into a silky lather that effectively lifts away dirt ball and makeup with hyaluronic acid this formula is clinically proven to increase skin’s hydration level and lock it in leaving skin refreshingly clean and touchably simple every time you cleanse soap free oil free paraben free hypoallergenic and non comedogenic the directions are to wet the face apply to your hands add water and massage face gently and then rinse thoroughly one of the features I really like about this product is you can turn the pump left and right to open it so this will help it lock in place if you’re like me the little caps never stay on they’re always too loose just it seems like most of the time and then you also this can easily get tipped over and to know that this is locked in place as I think that’s a really good feature for a product this is a very thin gel smell of this it’s very soft I like the way that it feels it doesn’t feel drying it doesn’t feel like it’s the scent is lingering heavily you know something that close to your nose it’s something that bothers me if a scent is really heavy so this was not bother some at all so I hope that helps and let me know if you’ve tried this product let me know if you like it.. THANK YOU

If you live in USA you can buy it from click here

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